We need nothing less than a miracle ( coach )

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    We are a small ( small small small ) hockey club in the eastern of Germany ( Chemnitz ) and no wonder ... we play in the lowest league possible atm ( decided to not promote due to personal uncertaintys in the future season ). We are small but filled with dedicated people who make possible what they can and a good youth structure which is the little shimmering hope at the dawn of horizon.

    "what we need"
    - basically nothing less than somebody who thrives on creating gold from dust
    - a dedicated coach who wants to brand a club and a team with his philosophy of hockey

    "what we offer"
    - basically nothing (sorry at this point)
    - a good public university (for people abroad - you dont have to pay abundant fees there you can just go and study)
    - ridiculous cheep living costs ( + under circumstances we can get you an even cheaper flat than it already is)

    so if you are thinking about "Hey I wanna study but in a place cheap which still offers good academic education + you thrive on hard challenges and the joy of seeing something grow under your influence - you are so welcome here it's like a santa present"

    pm me if you are still interested after reading ;)
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    Hi Timmy

    I am interested how can I get in touch with you, with more details.

    How can I get in touch

    From: Jerome

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