Umpiring and hearing protection

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    The things that they can do for umpiring training are amazing these days. The problems is that such measures are only available at the highest tournaments because it's access to game video, the software/hardware required to run GameBreaker and then the manpower hours to process the video. I've only seen it once, at the Champions' Trophy in Australia in 2003. I was there participating in a seminar and the course conductors would show us material they'd generated from the games for team and individual umpire game debriefings. Then, they'd get us to watch the games and take our own stats. :)

    Which is a good point - as an umpire if you're watching a game for training purposes (you're watching with an eye to improving your own performance), there are a number of exercises you can do to get some valuable information. For example, you could generate your own statistics on breakdown tackles. On a field diagram, mark the physical location of each breakdown tackle you see, whether it's by the attack or defence and whether it was deal with "properly" (in your subjective opinion). Looking at the patterns that emerge is a good way to understand how you need to shape your focus during the game and give you a better understanding of why players commit breadown tackles. Hopefully, that will give you an action plan you can put in place for your game.

    Just an example, and sorry to go off on a tangent there.
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    No, it's a very good idea.
    IMO, 'analytical observation', particularly of good 'performers', is an excellent way of learning/improving most skills (not just umpiring).

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