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Discussion in 'Game Management & Communication' started by foozbear, Oct 7, 2008.

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    I can't say mine is that bad. I think New Zealand are a bit better off in that sense.
    my umpiring days are usually...
    get up at 7am, travel to Hockey Turfs (0.5-0.75 hour)
    Umpire three games, starting at 8, 9:15, and 10:30.
    finish at 11.30
    Chat to teams, colleagues, Club Contacts etc
    leave turfs around 1
    arrive home around 1.30 - 2.00

    so i'm not too badly off, and i love it. but thats exactly my point. The Players need to understand the sacrifice an Umpire is making. half the time for people that they don't even know.
    I think it should be compulsory - well, not compulsory as that would raise whole new issues, but at least recommended - that sometime in a Player's career/life they should do some Umpiring. they dont understand how intimidating it can be to an Umpire to be out there around at least 22 people with sticks yelling at you.
    I know I, personally, developed a whole new respect for the Umpire after starting it myself.

    I havent personally done any overseas Umpiring but I am hoping on it mid next year. From what i've heard, though, there are far worse places than Britain! from what i've seen and heard of some British games, many of the teams are very grateful and courteous, it just depends on the players you get
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    I always make a point to shake an umpires hand after every game, these people give up their time every weekend.

    The only occasion I haven't was in the first game of this season when the oppo umpire saw his teams forward kick the ball into the goal and then turned his back as the goal was given by the other umpire who couldn't see the play properly.

    There's a difference between making mistakes and outright cheating.

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