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    I am a coach for 2 teams in Finistere; Brittany. France.

    France is a developing nation for hockey. I've played for nearly 25 years in the UK and Oz; I m an averagely good player...bit old now really.. I coach alot now; I ve set up a club and we've just hosted our 1st tournament. We only play indoor as there are no outdoor pitches.

    Anyway; I went to a tournament on saturday and there was a player from Germany and also 2 from Belgiums playing as ringers. I saw instantly they weren't French players; technically very strong on the ball and not afraid to push on ahead.

    So as a coach how can I get the kids I coach playing like that? The FFH dont provide much help; not their fault they are trying. But I m trying to ve proactice.


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    Hi there,

    By 'pushing on ahead' do you mean in the game or as a team over a few next few years?

    I believe with making your kids technically strong on the ball they have to put the hours of practice in. How many hours do you get coaching with them per week? What I am seeing a lot in England especially is that a kid may have two hours with their coach in school time per week then another two hours with the same coach at a connecting club.

    Make the sessions fun enough and the kids will want to go down the pitch by themselves and practice. These extra hours that kids have by themselves messing around on a pitch are what separate good performers from great performers. If they put the hours in I think they will be come stronger players.

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