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    Hi guys! hope that you are all well and enjoying the sun and the Hockey on show at #HWL2017. Just wanted drop a quick paragraph to you guys and introduce you to Hockey Unit and ourn new retailer -

    We are a new field hockey collective with a passion for new, cool brands with a purpose and here is a quick outline to how we came about.

    Why?: Every year we are treated to new technologies and designs from all sorts of brands and now in this 'start-up' era we are blessed with more choice than ever. There are 2 main issues here;
    1. How do we sort the genuine brands from the ones trying to make a quick profit?
    2. What about the great brands from other countries that don't ship abroad?

    How?: We have searched the market for what we belive are the 4 best brands that are at the forefront of innovation and design, but most importantly, brands with a strong brand itentity. Brands that actually stand for something and are in the business for the love of the hockey and not for sheer profit. Here is a quick outline to the brands we represent:
    1. ALFA - An Indian brand used by many of the Indian Internationals (and Ash Jackson and Mark Gelg in past HILs) Their brand is ALL about R+D and making the BEST stick on the market. They put very little into marketing and push almost all their profits into making new moulds and finding the best stick possible.
    2. OREGON - A Belgium brand that deserves more regonition. Oregon is ran by Belgium players and offers a new niche, Sustanability. They are very keen on making hockey sustainable and so all their shipping, packaging and the sticks themselves are as environmentaly friendly as they can make them. It just so happens that they make Incredible looking sticks
    3. INDIAN MAHARADJA - A Dutch brand that focusses on style and design. From day 1 Indian Maharadja have made beautiful sticks that reflect Indian culture. Massive in the Netherlands - They deserve more exposure
    4. Y1 HOCKEY - Our most well known brand - "The ORIGINAL British lifestyle brand". Started as an apparel company in 2011 we have followed them for nearly 5 years now. They represent Expression, Image and Philosophy. They are changing the image of hockey for the better through merging the boundaries of fashion and sportswear.

    Other brands: CHAMROX (Irish grip supplier), YoungOnes Apparel (Y1 Hockey's clothing arm), RAB (Producer of the best micropore grip on the market), ??????????? (More brands to be released)

    What makes us better:
    Identity is EVERYTHING!! - We don't only stock brands that have strong identities, but we also offer you to add a HU sticker to your stick making your stick COMPLETELY YOURS. The colours can be customised to represent anything that is special to you Club, School, County, Country Etc.

    Please check out our new website with Sticks, accessories and clothing Or come and follow us on our social media pages. (@unithockey)

    We hope you like the philosophy and concept behind our brand and if you want any additional info then don't be afradi to get in contact!! (


    Will and the Hockey Unit team!
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