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Discussion in 'Introduction to our hockey forum' started by K8t, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Thanks for the add, I used to play hockey many moons ago, in the days of bullying off in rough grass, using cricket pads for the goalie!

    I now have a hockey mad 12 year old, who has been playing in junior school and all she ever wanted to do was be a goalie! They let her try the kit on when she was 11 in her last year of junior school and that was it, she just 'had to be a GK'. then England won in Rio and Maddie Hinch became her God!

    Since then she has played in senior school for her year and the year above and her team have done well, Hockey teacher said get her to a Club, she has something (all a surprise to me). The club have been fantastic and put her forward for County Development. For her birthday (not until Sept.) , she went to the Maddie Hinch training day, it was 'the best day of my life'!

    Who knows where we go, she may give it all up,tomorrow! In the meantime, I am trying to find my way around all the kit, protocols, etc., so be gentle with me!
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    Hey @K8t, welcome to FHF.

    This is definitely the place to get to grips with hockey (again), although it sounds like you played a slightly different game to the modern incarnation. I don't venture there but there are plenty of helpful people in the Goalie Zone (or whatever they call it) so have a good nose about there.

    If you're feeling like getting up to speed, I'd suggest seeing if your club run a Back to Hockey event, and picking up a stick again in a no pressure environment too.

    Whatever you or your daughter do, have fun!
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    this is great and should be be encouraged.I assume your daughter is uk based. You need to be aware that some leagues have a minimum age for playing adult hockey. Personally I believe ' if your good enough your old enough!' However that is a totally different topic

    To develop and improve and get coached she needs to join a club that runs junior sides. and she'll need to train regularly

    Unless she already has her own it she'll EVENTUALLY need her own kit but she may be able to borrow it.

    You, as her parent, will need lots of cash, lots of patience and be prepared to be an unpaid taxi service.

    Good luck and most of all enjoy it.
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