New bow rule?

Discussion in 'Resources, Equipment, Signals' started by blingtwin, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Have been looking at some topics soon and have noticed people mentioning a new bow rule being introduced next year. I have been searchin the forum but with so much quoting found it hard to find a definative answer. I am interested because I will be looking for a new stick in the next 6 months and play with a TT10 with the bow being 25mm flat but larger when tilted im guessing thats whats going to be limited.
    So main question really is it defnatly going to be limited what will be the exsact ruling and what sticks will become illegal when this law is inforced?
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    Blingtwin, no-one knows. There are rumours (most of them are available in this thread!), but until the new rules are published in June next year anything that anyone says will just be speculation. (Even if it's well-informed speculation, it will just be speculation!)

    Cheers, Red

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