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Discussion in 'Training Tips & Coaching' started by Bezinga, Jun 24, 2017.

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    Hey guys,
    Just hoping you can give me some helpful tips on my dragflick, I would especially like to know how to get more pace on it,
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  2. Folmer

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    I'll give it a go... But only because you were so patient....

    It looks good, right up to the point where the ball leaves the small patch of turf. (If you didn't know, you can watch frame by frame using the , and . ) From that point your body stops moving forward and you rotate your stick under your body. Your arms end up twisted and you loose all speed.
    What you should be doing is rotate your body forward and at the same time push your stick in front of your body. The key is to keep accelerating throughout the flick from the moment you pick up the ball.
    Search YouTube for drag flick slow motion and you will find several videos which might give you an idea of what I mean.
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    If I had to say anything you're similar to the way most dragflickers start, your pickup is good and unlike most new flickers you actually get low which is good it's just at the end that you stop moving your body, you don't have the rotation and that can make you lose power and speed. A good idea that helped me a lot was practicing just the flick part without the pickup, because for me up until the end you look like Reid-Ross, by this I mean stretch out your legs, drag the ball then finish with a body rotation, the ball won't get as much power because you didn't have a run up but practicing the rotation will lock it into your muscle memory and help you in the long run. Your dragflick looks quite a bit like how mine started out and if you want to you can check out the advice I got for my dragflick right here on the forum, I got a heap of helpful advice that has really improved my flick and now I'm consistently scoring those flicks in a game;
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    I'm just going to quote what I put in that other thread, because I reckon it mostly applies here, too:

    Basically, body/centre of mass not moving in right direction means the flick itself is all arms means you don't have much power.
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    Patch of turf is too short in my opinion. You should aim for 1.5x your body length, or close to it.
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