Huge Respect to Germany

Discussion in 'General Hockey Chit-Chat' started by BossFHockey, Dec 11, 2017.

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    I feel a bit sorry for Germany Mens at the WHL, getting to the semi-finals playing well (IMO) and then haveing the rug pulled out from under them with illness hitting the team hard. If I am remembering the numbers right it was 13 men for the semi and a bare 11 for the 3rd place game, both of which included their 2nd GK Mark Appel playing as a forward, and bagging what I assume is a history making goal.

    But a huge amount of respect is due to them as in both games they were able to compete against full strength sides, I don't want to play the what if game I just wanted to say huge respect to them for their attitude going into the 2 games.

    If I am remembering right (again) this mystery illness has hit a few other teams earlier in the tournament, does anyone know who was effected when? I know the England team had a few missing early in the tournament, but I have largely seen the BT sports highlights (1h game in 45 mins) so all the build up was cut where this stuff was probably discussed.
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    England got hit by it throughout the tournament. Started the first game four players down and then when those players got better others got struck down. Not as bad as what happened to Germany, but still enough to affect their games negatively.

    Germany were phenomenal. Like you, i don't want to play the ifs and buts game but you do feel sorry for them. Although that being said, they deserve so much credit for not only just getting on with it, but actually playing bloody well.

    Does anyone know why it's been so bad at this tournament? I know people get sick when they go to India, but i've never known it to be this rampant across so many people in different teams. Makes me wonder what might happen at the World Cup.....
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    I was in India for the World League Finals in 2014. There was a sickness bug doing the rounds then too, but not to the extent that the teams were hit this time. Ours was gastrointestinal: the dreaded "Delhi belly". I escaped it - fortunately - but my roomie got it and suffered terribly. It's basically the worst diarrheoa & sickness you've ever had coupled with 'flu-like symptoms. It lasts a few days and is utterly debilitating...
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    In the end all the circumstances provided us with one of the most intense and thrilling games I can personally remember and a history making goal keeper goal in an international game.
    Everything is just getting more funny when you follow the german instagram accounts of the players, where most of them celebrated mark appel before the game and guessed if he would score, just to get further anticipated by the german commentators (including Fürste) joking about Appel scoring and in the end they just went completely nuts and I have never heared Fürste shouting that excited and furiously in his microphone. (there is a video of it on the german dazn facebook page if you never heard Fürste shouting to the top of his lungs :D)

    There is nothing to be sad about, they learned alot about what an incredible amout of morale and passion they have in their team and with thinking about how many quality players were left at home due to injuries or job reasons it was a great step towards a good world championship tournament.
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    I believe the illness was actually Ecoli rather than the traditional Delhi belly. Will be interesting what steps are taken to mitigate against anything for the World Cup there next year...

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    The Bronze medal match was great to watch. You could see the Germans flagging but still giving it their all, and very nearly succeeding too. It is a testament to the toughness of players who don their countries colours and their willingness to do everything they can to honour the team and their country. And the excitement of the GK's goal, it seemed as if at that moment the team decided that anything was possible. And Nguyen, beaten and bruised but still getting up every time to take his position and play it out, what a legend.

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