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    Hockey Australia’s umpire training programs will operate within the Australian Sports Commission’s National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).

    The Umpire Training Program structure is focused on delivering programs with quality presenters/assessors, resources and ongoing professional development. These training programs will see a shift in the focus towards developing practical officiating skills and self-development and therefore better trained officials to meet the demands of the game.

    Hockey Australia together with our State and Territory Associations recognise that quality officiating has a significant influence upon players and their hockey experience, hence the recommendation for all officials to be accredited at an appropriate level.

    To register for an umpire course:

    1. Click on the course name below. You may have to 'register' an account.
    2. (for Level 1 and above) pay the $50 fee via PayPal - bank accounts and credit cards accepted.
    3. You will then have access to the course to learn at your own pace.
    4. When you are ready, complete the quiz and the practical assessment, then upload the practical assessment for review.
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    This is a good start then attendance at course workshops for some levels and others are all classroom theory units
    Practical assessments to follow
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