Handling Intentional Offences in Other Umpires 23m areas

Discussion in 'Game Management & Communication' started by Ballingdon, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Well I'm glad we got that sorted CH.

    Sounds like a plan to me (as does Bertbob's intervening post!)
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    One thing I've tried ontop of the VERY LOUD WHISTLE is to start moving to the position you take up for a PC (move towards the centre of the pitch). As this is often moving towards your colleague you can also come together for a chat if needed.
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    Communication before the game is very important, you will get some umpires who do not want to talk especially at club level, therefore you are on your own.

    I always say if I see something that is serious enough for me to blow, then I would hope you will upgrade it to a short. let me deal with any cards as that is unfair on you especially if you have not seen the incident.

    If it is in your 'D' then it is yours, I will not blow but I will be looking at you all the time until you see me, and if you don't then I will stay in place and I won't move if a goal happens and I think that we need to talk about a previous incident.

    Apart from that, I saw a great piece of umpiring at the weekend at Brooklands, a great advantage, a good piece of two umpires working together & a decision that worked for both umpires and one of the teams.

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