Review Grays Shield Shinpads

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    Overall 6/10

    Protection 6/10

    They are pretty flimsy plastic with a foam backing. The foam is a little thicker around the front, which is good, but the protection is very limited. However, the coverage is really good, they are tall and wrap around quite a lot, so more of your leg is covered. They also offer ankle protection too.

    Comfort 6/10
    The ankle protection is great, very comfy indeed - snug, but not tight. They are foam lined, which I personally hate. The shape is not very ergonomic, though they wrap around, they do so very widely and you need quite big calves to fill them! If you don't have that, you'll find they wiggle and will be lose. The elastic is pretty rubbish with a very narrow fixing range meaning you can't have it tighter/loser than a very specific range.

    It's worth the extra money to go for the shield pro - although I haven't tried them, I am aware that they offer much more protection in terms of coverage and thickness.


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