Grays GR11000 xtreme

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    Grays GR11000 xtreme

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    Further to Ritualfan review:

    Passed by Barringtons today and eagerly had a twang with these new grays probow extreme and holy smokes! You sneeze and the ball flies into the top corner. Given a few more minutes, I would have dismantled Barringtons test zone/cage and probably the showroom as well with these sticks. I am used to the extreme low bows but this takes it to a whole new level. The new reshaped contoured face enables the stick to offer a very wide LBZ/flat surface area for tomahawking/ backhand hits which is great and as the backhand zone is quite flat , I would imagine this would aid keeping the ball more on the deck. The new extreme design does make it look and feel a little clunky. I may look to purchase and give one a try in the future if it remains legal ;) ! Meanwhile everyone else on the pitch wear kneepads, box, facemask and body armour!!! Of the four probow extreme models I tried, (KN1200,GR1100, GR8000, GR7000) I would say the GR8000 offer best overall price / performance.

    Looking forward to hearing from other owners and seeing how they get on.
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    I agree but my kn12000 is incredible to play with just difficult to keep the ball on the ground. I think people should carry a cricket box around with them in their hockey bag and if you see someone with a kn12000 you know all that time carrying around was well worth it .

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