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    FHF GK Manual Project
    FAQ and Rules
    v1.0 10/12/06 by The Doctor

    1. Aim of this sub board
    We aim to produce a goalkeeping manual that addresses the full spectrum of skills required for field hockey goalkeeping as well as ways to acquire and develop these skills. The project is a communal one and aims to enhance goalkeeping skills at every level of the game, as well as further develop links between the goalkeeping community.

    2. People
    The idea was suggested by AndyGaut. The Doctor has taken responsibility for organising and editing material at this stage. Magpie and Garli are the board moderators. Contributions have come from many people and more are welcome!

    3. Process
    The process will be an ongoing one. The initial phase will be collation of material. The second phase will be editing and adding of additional material. The third phase will be of draft publication through the FHF website.
    In the future we hope to produce a multimedia version of this manual, so videos, photos etc are welcome.

    4. Rules for the sub board

    i) All normal forum rules apply.
    ii) Copyright for any material contibuted will reside with the author of that material. Submitting material for the manual is considered explicit authorisation for the unrestricted use of that material for the purposes of this manual and any related publications. During the development phase, any material may be withdrawn by the author at any time following a written request (by private message or email). The editorial team may need to add, modify or delete material or request changes to be made prior to final publication.
    iii) All non-original material must be acknowledged and cited. Copyright for non-original material is retained by the original author and cannot be duplicated in this manual without their permission, which we will endeavor to get if possible.
    iv) It is preferred if contributors disclose their level of experience (e.g. years of playing, level reached, years of coaching and GK coaching) and potential conflict of interests (e.g. sponsorship arrangements, employment with equipment manufacturers etc). This can be done by PM to The Doctor if you do not want to make it public.

    5. Scope of contributions
    The draft outline for the project can be found in the "topics" thread, however we encourage any relevant contributions. This may include technical advice (skills, maintenance of gear, nutrition, fitness etc), personal stories (experiences, motivating factors etc), gear reviews, etc.

    6. Suggested formats for submissions
    Although we encourage general discussion about specific skills, drills, coaching techniques and related goalkeeping issues, the overall aim of this sub board is to be an evolving textbook. To make editing easier, all formal submissions for the manual should follow the formats listed below (more formats to follow):

    i) Drills
    1) Name of drill
    2) Aims of drill (e.g. kicking practise)
    3) Requirements (number of players, balls, cones, GK in pads or not etc)
    4) Source of drill (if applicable - important if you have taken it from another site or book)
    5) Description of drill (with diagrams if possible)
    6) Possible variations (if applicable)

    1) Author
    2) Title
    3) Format (DVD, book, website, etc)
    4) Year of publication if known
    5) Publisher (if applicable)
    6) Source (where you got the resource from, including URL if possible)
    7) What about it makes it useful

    7. Disclaimer
    FHF, the authors and editors make no claims about any material in the manual during the development phase. All contributions reflect the opinions of their respective authors.
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