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Discussion in 'Training Tips & Coaching' started by TheRocketSurgeon, Jul 28, 2017.

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    So I've noticed that a fair few people are posting videos looking for drag flicking advice and I thought I'd follow the heard.

    If you want to check out the video (below) I would appreciate any advice that you could give me.

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    Don't start so low. You'll naturally get lower going from pickup to flick as your body moves forward and the ball gets further behind you, you don't need to be deliberately crouching before the pickup. Watch video of all the good drag flickers, and you'll see them going high-low-high(ish), they're much closer to upright when stick first makes contact with ball. Here's one that came up in the 6 to watch next after I watched yours:

    Bit hard to tell from that angle, but also looks like your final step is well to the left of the line you're approaching the ball on. Might be wrong, it might just look exaggerated due to the camera angle. But I suspect that's also due to being so low when you start your pickup, if you stepped straight ahead you'd struggle to keep stick on ball.
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    Adidas DF24, Beikou Drag 90, This would be quite a list for all of them....
    Dragflicking is the theme of my new bosfhockey box *plug plug*
    has a coaching video from kwan browne, target sheet for the goal and a weighted training ball.

    As above, could do with a few other angles , but your left foot looks like it could be closer to the ball on pickup, keep high early get low on the carry and through the release, lifting up at the end. Make sure you are going straight through the motion not veering off to the side. Also try and follow through the motion of the flick rather then stopping get after release, this will help moving your weight the the drag and give you more power on the back end, if you watch top level flickers most don't stop until they are around or past the P spot.
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    I think the best way to improve you flicking is the break the movement down into pieces, take bits from some of the best in the world and mix it up with what feels comfortable for you.

    For example I always started by just getting a load of balls by the P spot and flicking with my right knee on the floor and my left leg pointing to the goal, focusing on what the ball is doing on my stick. Working on the 'sling'. Build it up slowly so move the ball back a bit and walk through the movement.

    Continue to video yourself and be critical.

    In my coaching blog (https://www.instagram.com/thethinkingcoach/) I am doing regular flicking sessions with some U14s. They have 3 areas of flicking to focus on. Power, accuracy and disguise. Pick one of these, to work on for 20 minutes and develop your own technique.
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