Difficult conversations for a coach

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What are the most difficult conversations for a coach? (max 2)

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  1. Dropping a player from your team because not good enough (anymore)

  2. Dropping a (star) player because not a good fit for the team

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  3. Motivational talks with the eternal reserves from your team

  4. When your star player will not conform to team tactics

  5. When major youth talents do not put in the work needed to get them to the next level

  6. With parents or partners from your players with unrealistic expectations

  7. Other.... please elaborate in a reply below

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  1. Ernst

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    Oct 13, 2017
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    Antwerpen, Belgium
    Just one of many topics we enjoyed during the keynote speech by legendary coach Ric Charlesworth at the first ever online Coach Conference dealt with the difficult conversations you need to have as a coach :

    What do you consider difficult conversations for a coach and would you deal with these?
  2. Krebsy

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    Oct 10, 2014
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    For me it is undoubtedly the parents of young players.
    I have yet to meet a player who cannot take honest and open comment on board (unless there is a pushy parent/teacher behind the scenes) but i have had real struggles with parents and teachers who are convinced their chosen prodigy is a shoe-in for Maddie Hinch's job if only i could see this as clearly as they.
    Ah well. I am happy to be proven wrong. It just hasn't happened yet. At leasy 2 youngsters i have had the privilege of coaching have played for their national teams. I can't always be wrong.
  3. JE87

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    Ritual - various to suit my coaching needs!
    Other - When your captain/leadership group doesn't show the leadership qualities that are required (but there is no one else suitable for the role...).

    I don't necessarily find the conversations with parents difficult - it's the job of the coach to deal with this honestly. If the parent disagrees, they are entitled to their opinion, but that should be it. Annoying, yes. Not ideal, absolutely. Difficult, no.

    Most difficult is dropping a player who commits more than 100% but simply isn't good enough at that given time. It does depend on the goal/objective of the team, but selecting a team most likely to win in the short term over the long term throws up this problem more often than not.
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