Indoor Crash Course Required!

Discussion in 'Goalie Zone' started by murph, Dec 4, 2014.

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    Hi All,

    A local club have asked me if I would like to play indoor for them (as it is allowed) this weekend in a tournament featuring some fairly decent clubs.

    I have (I hope they aren't reading this) no idea what I'm doing indoors!

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    Well I know very little as I'm sorta in the same position as you but:
    I find that I play a lot further out for indoor compared to outdoor, and try to prevent the shot being taken in the first place, rather than reacting. Don't worry about deflecting it over the backline (FHD) and take advantage of the sideboards (they are your best friends). There will often be breakaways (I hate them) and there will be multiple oppo players coming for you, and maybe a defender if you're lucky. Make yourself big, keep your pads together, and try and either clear the ball or slow them down until you have help

    You should be another play in that you should be scouting the top of the D all the time stopping the shot from even happening and make sure to make use of the side boards, if you have never played indoor use sliding as a last resort as you grip easily compared to astro so you dont really slide at all (unless you have pad covers)

    Other than that I don't know to much, hope this helps
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    Would recommend you staying on your feet more than in outdoor, the D is smaller so easier to close players down. Bring lots and lots of water with you, plus a towel. You will thank me for it. But mostly, enjoy it. Indoor is awesome.
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    You will sweat a lot. An awful lot. Wear gloves under your hand protectors. Seems counter productive but you will be hot anyway so you may as well ensure good grip.
    If you can slide on the surface you are playing on you can use the smother with good effect.
    A Team may position a talented forward in the D and give them quick passes he can deflect at speed into the goal. To save this You are best on your feet and within a metre of your line or right at the forward. Do not be tempted to close the forward down unless you are sure you can get all the way to them or he/she is going to control the ball and give you time to close them down properly. Closing down only halfway in indoor hockey means a goal will be scored.
    It is even more imperative that you keep your weight forward and on your toes. For deflections it is ok to have your hands a little lower than outdoor but not by much. When facing a player with the ball under control your stance should be the same as outdoor.

    Also be very vocal, try to learn to interpret which side of your player the opposition player is going to pass the ball. If you can give them accurate instructions you can actually ensure that passes cannot be played given the fact the ball cannot be lifted. That must not be underestimated.

    Mostly just expect to realise that indoor hockey is about as much fun a as you can possibly have with your clothes on. Rarely are keepers so integral to a hockey team. You may even get to run 1 at short corners. Such luxury.

    Have a ball. Indoor hockey rocks. You will lose tons of weight. Drink LOTS.
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