BDO Reception 3rd.November.

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    Dear All,

    As you all now be now BDO is our official sponsor. This is great news for
    our club cause this means that our club is going some how to be eased a
    little with its financial problems. It is also an honor for us that BDO
    accepted to sponsor us cause it is the same firm that sponsors the FIH. So
    we should very gratitude to the sponsor and we are going to make an official
    reception to present BDO with our new stripes and to the media. We are going
    to do the reception on Friday 3rd.November after 8:30pm and we accept that
    all senior members will do their utmost to attend for this reception. More
    info will be given later where the reception is going to be held and the
    cost for the members and guests. We need your response as early as possible
    so we can organize this event the best way and with minimal costs. The more
    we are the better price we can get.

    Also please do not forget the calendar.I need adverts by mid November so
    that we can distribute before the end of the year.

    Please give me feedback and suggestions as soon as possible.

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    Just to brag :p

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