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    At arrival of the Adidas Carbonbraid the expectations were very high. Will this in the Netherlands produced stick live up to the expectations?

    It's time for a good review, made by some of our sponsored players.

    At testing the Carbonbraid we checked different aspects of the stick: power, feeling and curve.

    Direct at practice the power of the stick was clear. In comparison of the other recent Adidas sticks the hook is a bit thicker, and you feel this benefits the power of the stick. If the new production methods contribute to this extra power is difficult to say, but power this stick has 'TO THE MAX'.

    Normally a thicker hook will give a player less ball control / operation speed, but Adidas states that the new production process (braid) will lift the ball controll instead. Our practice experience confirms this.

    And what about the curve? The Adidas #Carbonbraid has got a new curve of 24 MM which is in between the curves of a TX & LX curve, so the curve will take the best of both lines in our opinion. It's a curve which attracts two kind of players: the low-bow players which use the stick for normal use or dragflicks and people who like 3D-dribbels.

    Overall the new Carbonbraid is a stick which gives a total new view to the top-range sticks. The stick has a very high ball control and in comparison to other sticks the power is quite impressive. The curve is a matter of personal 'taste'. Zeker inzetbaar voor een brede doelgroep technisch onderlegde hock(st)ers is deze stick een waardevolle toevoeging van onze uitgebreide collectie!

    The price is a high one of € 379, which is to expect with this kind of product. But we think it's worth it.

    This summer the stick will be available as 'limited stock', because of limited production capabilities. People who are interested are advised to send us a email at info@hockeygear.

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    looks fantastic!
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    So the bow placement is similar to Gryphon's T Bone?

    Very, interesting.

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