The Indian Maharadja Gravity Black Jhunknaa
  • Brand:
    The Indian Maharadja
    Gravity Black Jhunknaa
    Bow Type:
    Mid/Low bow (200mm - 250mm)
    90% Fine Woven Carbon
    This stick was sent to us by The Indian Maharadja to do a review and we have done a fare bit of testing with the stick.

    Looks (9/10)
    This stick got a lot of attention and compliments while I was using it in games and in testing about its looks. It has a stealthy, dark look with the words "The Indian Maharadja" written on the entire face of the stick in bright white. On the back it has "The Indian Maharadja written in the exposed carbon fiber that is not covered in a matte black. It comes with a black grip and the overall look is amazing.

    Feel (9/10)
    The stick has a very nice feel to it and dribbling with it is a great. It is a little bit stiff, but it takes only a short while to get used to. When stopping the ball there is hardly any shock and it stops the ball dead. Passing with the stick is very nice and accurate.

    Play (8.5/10)
    Hitting - This stick hits very hard and it has a lot of power. It transfers a lot of power and it is significantly more than a few other top of the range sticks from well known brands. Lifting the ball when you hit was surprisingly easy as well thanks to its low bow.

    Slapping - Slapping with this stick is nice, but it lacks a bit in power when you compare it to the power you have when hitting the ball. We do think that you will have more power when you have the right technique. The precision when slapping with this stick is very nice and there is hardly any feel of shock.

    Flicking - Dragflicking with this stick is very nice. You receive a lot of power when you dragflick as the ball rolls off the stick nicely and the low bow helps a lot. Overheads with this stick is also very nice and you can get great height and distant.

    We are very happy with the overall performance of this stick. It is definitely a stick we would recommend to get yourself.

    You can watch our review of the Indian Maharadja on our youtube channel down bellow.