STX Stallion 700
  • Brand:
    STX Hockey
    Stallion 700
    Bow Type:
    Mid bow (250mm)
    95% Carbon, 5% Aramid

    As part of the review team on the Forum I was contacted by a member of the STX Hockey UK team and asked to test and review some of their products. There may be some generic information carried over for each review. Please see other posted reviews for the other products.

    Brand Intro

    STX Hockey are still a relatively new brand to the UK, but have been ‘huge’ in the US for many years. In the past the occasional STX stick would appear on Ebay, but nothing really more of the brand was available up until the last few years. However, they seem to have hit the UK market with a bang offering some top quality products at a suitable price. Their marketing team have hit the nail on the head too, with a number of high profile sponsorship agreements of England/GB internationals – most notably one of the rising stars of England Hockey, Sam Ward. I tried to request the Surgeon 515 to test (the Sam Ward signature model), but this looks to have been so popular that they were currently out of stock!

    Stick Intro

    The Stallion 700 is the top of the Stallion range with a high carbon content. The Stallion range, according to the STX website, has been designed to appeal to ‘the versatile midi player who demands power and control from their stick’ and I can see where they are coming from here. The stick has great weighting – not too light, not too heavy, aided by what feels like a slighter lower than even balance point and a ‘Mega’ bow shape would be suitable for most players.


    This a classy, well finished looking stick. STX haven’t cut any corners with the design and finish and this gives the stick a very professional look. Like of lot of brands currently on the market it’s finished with the carbon effect weave on the front and rear. The STX logo in silver on the front and rear stands out and the ‘700 Series Stallion’ wording printed just on the rear. Setting the Stallion line up apart from the Surgeon and Hammer series visually is an STX logo located at the base of the grip in Yellow (the Surgeon is Light Green and Hammer is Red!)


    This is a very stiff stick, but for those used to high carbon, top of the range sticks you will find no problem with this. STX have managed to maintain a good level of feel with the stick, but ultimately it won’t have the feel factor of lower carbon stick. Comparably it has less feel than my Ritual Velocity 1, but more so than a Gryphon Blue Steel.


    The shape is easy for most players to get on with and the stick has gone down really well with all team mates that have given it a try too. It’s all to do with the weighting, balance point and overall balance of the stick. It’s one of those sticks that feels like an extension of your body rather than a lump of composite you are swinging – from a personal point of view, you can’t get much higher praise from me. Suitable for all positions, apart from maybe a specialist drag flicker. However, you will need to remember this is a high carbon stick and is therefore less forgiving to mistakes and mis-hits. Comparable in feel to something like a Grays GX8000 or GX9000 i.e. stiff and hard hitting, but not too stiff. This could well be down to the ‘Encore Technology’ employed by STX in order to soften the impact from hitting etc. According to the STX website this is a ‘high density plastic, surrounded by elastomer overmold’ (sic) that sits under the grip of the stick.

    The standard grip on the stick is a made by Karakal who are a big player in the grip world. Great idea to team up with a company who already specialise in this field rather than trying to re-create something. I found it a bit ‘too grippy’ for my liking, but it’s nice and thin meaning when adding a chamois or something similar over the top it doesn’t affect the grip thickness too much.


    Great stick. The price might ‘ward’ off a few people, but you really are paying for what you get (at least when comparing it to the rest of the market). Very well made, lots of decent technology and a very ‘playable’ stick.
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