Ritual Specialist 95
  • Brand:
    Specialist 95
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    95% Carbon, 5% Kevlar
    The 95 is the most expensive stick in Ritual’s Specialist range, which has a low bow and groove in the shaft of the stick. It has a 95% carbon content and costs just over £200.

    General Information

    · 95% carbon content along with 5% Kevlar

    · A 24mm bow placed at 200mm

    · A groove/scoop along the shaft to aid drag flicking

    · 385mm balance point

    · Around 540g

    · Silica face on the head of the stick

    · Price: around £200


    I don’t really mind what my stick looks like but, that said, do like the specialist looks, with the contrast between the bright golds standing out against the carbon base on the front stick and the greys on the back stick. A minor negative is the grip, which thins out quite quickly and will need replacing quite soon.

    Hitting, slapping and pushing

    There is a fairly large sweet spot on this stick, and when you find it (which you can with a lot of consistency), the power is great. The stick feels like it has some weight behind it, so you don’t have to put too much effort in for the ball to fly off. Raising the ball is easy which the late bow helps with, so shooting high or low is not a problem.

    The reverse edge is squared off and thicker than on other sticks, and as a result it shouldn’t crack and fracture (which happened to my old Grays stick). Reverse stick hits are powerful with this stick.

    Pushing is also powerful and accurate, as is a ‘drag push’ pass thanks to the groove in the shaft.

    Slapping the ball is not something I do much, and I find that the ball can raise slightly if you don’t connect well. However when you do they are also powerful.

    Flicking and Aerials

    I’ve noticed that my drag flicking has improved a lot since using this stick - they are more powerful and accurate and I can feel the ball going up and down the stick, which I couldn’t before.

    My aerials have increased in distance and I can now do them without putting nearly as much effort into them as with a stick without a groove.


    The stick is light and at the head it is quite thin, making it easy to manipulate the ball and get around it. It is also very easy to get under the ball while one the move and take the ball to the air.


    The Specialist 95 is a top range stick - I'd definitely recommend it, I enjoy playing with it and prefer it to comparable sticks from other brands that I have used and tried. It is very good for drag flickers, but even non drag flickers (like me) will find it great to use.