Ritual Hockey Stick Velocity 55
Stick Reviews item created by Volter, May 14, 2017
  • Brand:
    velocity 55
    Bow Type:
    Mid/Low bow (200mm - 250mm)
    45° angle
    55% Carbon 40% Fibreglass 5% Kevlar
    530g Weight
    I bought this stick a month ago. As I have been playing hockey for only one season, so I am still quite new to hockey and my review cannot be very professional.
    For me, this is a great looking white stick. 55% carbon contained and 24 mm bow position give this stick a balance on ball control and power. And this is my first composite hockey stick, so I don't really know how to compare with other sticks.
    But there is one thing that I am really concerned is the head of this stick is a bit small, so it's quite easy to hit the ball up, and I only bought it for a month, and trained 4 times a week. It looks like the head of the stick has been reduced a lot, does anyone know if it's the way that I hit the ball is not right or it is normal to see such a reduce in a short time.
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  1. Ritual Hockey

    Thanks for your review.

    The wear and tear on your stick doesn't look to good.

    What surface do you play on, as this will significantly affect the wear of the stick?

    If you would like an expert to take a look, please email contact@ritualhockey.com for more details.

    Best regards,
    Ritual Hockey
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  2. jonberg
    That's not a normal wear of the stick just after a month of use @Ritual Hockey
  3. Waxxxed
    I presume you're playing on sand turf?

    Judging by the abnormally rapid wear of the stick, are you dragging the stick along the pitch whilst you're playing?
    Also, welcome to the sport, good first review.
    1. Volter
      Yeah, I was playing on the sand turf. This could be the main reason
      Volter, Oct 3, 2017