Osaka hockey bags comparison review (Sportsbag vs Custom Stickbag)
Bags item created by lostp, Sep 14, 2015
  • I find shopping online for bags is a thankless task, aren't ALL bag descriptions/blurbs useless? I thought this might help people by giving a real life example of how much you can fit into these bags :)

    I wanted a single bag that would hold the following hockey kit, a change of clothes and a couple of sticks - this means a fairly large bag with pockets that can keep the wet kit away from the dry kit.


    The choices are basically endless here, I considered Grays, Gryphon, Adidas but in the end vanity won over. I liked the stealthy look of the Osaka black on black, but what to get? Would the stickbag be big enough to hold all those clothes as well as hockey gear? Would the sportsbag allow enough separation between dirty stuff and clean stuff?

    In a moment of madness, I thought 'why not buy both and find out?' Ordering off the Osaka website was easily done before I came to my senses and a few days later a courier delivered the bags to my door.


    The Custom Stickbag

    Bottom compartment for hockey stuff

    Upper (backpack) compartment for towel and change of clothes

    Big enough 'extras' compartment at the top

    Full bag

    The Sportsbag

    Annoyingly, the end pockets didn't work as I wanted, for shinpads and shoes as they are too small

    I had to change the plan but ultimately everything fit into the bag with ease, although I think I would use a plastic bag for the boots and shinnies to keep it separated if possible. A bit of a pain - please make the end pockets bigger, Osaka!*

    The stick attachment system is a faff to unloop, thread the stick through then re-tie, but no amount of tugging on the stick was getting it to budge, so that is a win.

    The bag is provided with handles for hand carrying, and two straps should you wish to wear it over the shoulder or as a backpack. I liked the versatility of the design.

    Another con though: no drinks bottle holder. A bit of an oversight tbh, this should be built into a sportsbag!


    I think I'll use the Sportsbag, for someone who only has two sticks, there is a lot of wasted space in the Custom Stickbag for the padded stick compartment which reduces the available space for kit. The Sportsbag holds the sticks externally for a less bulky design and the interior space is ample.

    Now what to do with the stickbag I don't need? o_O

    *Feel free to send me some more prototype bags Osaka, and I'll happily let you know if they are big enough ;)
  1. How
    If i'm not wrong, the current sportsbag doesn't have two straps for backpack carrying, right?
  2. Sven
    I realize this review is almost a year old at this point, but I've got a question about the stick bag. Are either of the pockets ventilated in any way for wet shoes/kit? I'm on the hunt for a new bag, but some ventilated carrying for my shoes is a must for me. A pair of mesh pockets on the sides that I could slip them into would be ideal, but that's a feature I haven't seen, surprisingly.
  3. connor guy
    great review, do you know how much the sportsbag holds, litres wise?
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    1. lostp
      65L according to Osaka.

      The most important thing for me is that it's all usable. Long stick bags have a good chunk of their claimed volume in the stick pocket where you can rarely use for kit.
      lostp, Oct 18, 2015
  4. steve
    Well done, excellent review