My Personal Hockey Stick
  • Brand:
    My Personal Hockey Stick
    90% Carbon
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    545g Balance Point: 370mm
    My Personal Hockey are a company which offer you the ability to customize your stick in so many ways. The things on the stick you can customize are:
    • Base Colour
    • Writing Colour
    • Font (
    • Gloss or Matte
    • Bow Type
    • Composition
    • Weight
    • Signature and/or writing
    For my stick I chose:
    • Dark Blue
    • White
    • Bombing
    • Matte
    • Low Bow
    • 90% Carbon 200GBP (inlc. delivery)
    • Light
    • #10high1long (because I'm always told my overheads go straight up)
    From ordering to it arriving at my door it took about 10 days.

    MPH do not advertise any special moulds or materials but do offer you the chance to name or sign your own stick whatever you like and give it your favourite colours and preferred mould and composition. This I believe it worth more than any special mould another brand can bring.

    The stick looks spot on. All the way from the bottom top of the grip to the toe of the head (lets leave out the end cap for now). The paint is strong and does not flake even though I left off the gloss covering. It looks much better than I anticipated.

    Expecting a dud stick with a big bow for show purposes it was very surprising when I had my first hit with it. While it did come with a very low balance point which I was not very keen on it was still very light and turned out to not be so bad. It has a very powerful flat hit and even better when aimed high in the net, perfect show stick. Flicks are very smooth with the low bow which does not have the groove but the low balance holds it back from its full potential as a flick stick.

    A great stick. However, if you want to stand out on the field and have your own Personal Hockey Stick I would recommend this for you. It attracted some real attention for me in its looks and play. The guys at My Personal Hockey were very patient and were able to show me previews of the many different ideas I had and explain all the bows.

    Interested? Send them an email or message on the forum to discuss your options!
    @My Personal Hockey
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  1. bluebird
    Nice stick, the finish came up looking really good looking.

    Gee that mould looks familiar though.
      My Personal Hockey likes this.
    1. Patrick121916
      'Grays Jumbow' I was told.
      Patrick121916, Mar 15, 2016
    2. jonberg
      Can you compare it with a Grays Jumbow?
      jonberg, Mar 20, 2016
    3. bluebird
      Looks like it comes straight from the Brabo factory to me
      bluebird, Mar 22, 2016
  2. My Personal Hockey
    Hey Patrick,
    Thank you for the review.
    We have already changed the end cap :)