• Brand:
    Bow Type:
    Mid/Low bow (200mm - 250mm)
    95% Carbon
    565g Balance Point: 480mm
    The Looks

    Anyone wondering why you would design a stick like this has obviously not met the man behind the brand, Tim Deavin...Enough said…

    The Lycan 3 series sticks have a very unique design, a bit of a love it or hate it situation. The Ghost has kept the yellow colour and carbon weave base of it’s predecessor, the Boomrod but now features a new tattoo style design. Check out the better quality photos below to judge the designs for yourself. I love the end cap, feels like the cap you’d find on the end of a plastic bottle, very nice. Always a fan of new stuff.

    My one requirement for the looks of a stick…Does it stand out? This is a no brainer…the main reason I love this stick.

    The Specifics and Feel

    A high carbon percentage and a not often seen three cores gives this stick heaps of strike power. A slightly thicker shaft delivers a super soft touch. With a weight of just over 560g 480mm from the head it can be picked up any player. The bow is perfect for every play style low enough for the flickers but high enough for the more upright players.

    The Play

    VERY different to the 2015 sticks. Solid but oh so soft. A powerful plank.

    The bow of the Ghost is at the perfect point to allow you to hit the sweet spot every time with no adjustment of technique but also low enough to generate a decent amount of power for flicks and pushes. It caught me completely off guard at my first training, traps literally stuck to the stick every single time with very little give in the hands. Something you will not find in many other sticks.

    The Verdict

    I have talked to other players who also use the Ghost and they all say how perfect the soft touch is. For me personally I love it's consistency, every hit, tomahawk, slap, flick and push all come off exactly the same. Available from the Lycan Hockey website for an average price of $395 you get one hell of a stick. If you want to stand out with a small brand but also want the assurance of using a stick designed by two current Kookaburras look no further!
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  1. CG14
    Nice review. Actually really like the look of the stick.
    Tim Deavin and Glenn Turner are both superb players and seem nice guys who I would expect to make top quality sticks. What brand did Deavo play with previously? I know Turner was an ATLAS man.
    Would have been great if they had got Boon on board.
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    1. Patrick121916
      He used to use one of the old Edge Rouge sticks.
      I know he tried to get Anna Flanagan.
      Patrick121916, Apr 24, 2016
  2. MOFV
    What are your experience in regard to the durability of the graphics @Patrick121916?
    1. Patrick121916
      I haven't put it through a game yet but my dad is wants to use it in his slower, lower grade games which should put it through the test.
      I will update the review with how it takes the hacks tomorrow.
      So far so good though.
      Patrick121916, Apr 22, 2016
  3. BossFHockey
    nice little review, I like the new end cap style, looks like it adds a bit of grip and their new logo loos awesome, I wish the tattoo themed design had a little bit more you of negative space, that is larger areas without any paint on to let the carbon weave come through, but I think it looks awesome.

    Whats the difference between this and the logan? is it just the colour?
    1. Patrick121916
      Yes, the Logan is the same.
      I'm sick of the carbon weave sticks these days so I actually like it how it shows off the actual aesthetics instead of the carbon weave.
      The 2 series sticks have actually been painted black.
      Patrick121916, Apr 22, 2016