LX24 Compo 1 (2014)
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  • Brand:
    LX24 Compo 1
    Bow Type:
    Mid bow (250mm)
    70% Carbon, 25% Glass Fibre and 5% Aramid
    Update (24-4-2015): This is a re-post of my old review which I did in August 2014. I have changed/added a bit of text. And I've given updates on the stick now that I've played with it longer than a couple of weeks.

    Hi Guys,

    Before I start, as you'll see on the pictures, I already wrapped a towel grip on top of the original. Did this as soon as I got home from the shop, and only afterwards thought of writing a review. So my apologies for not being able to give you a proper view of the original grip, but I'm guessing that's the least interesting part of the stick anyway.

    First Impression
    This is just my opinion but I think the stick looks awesome. I saw a bunch of players use this stick during the Hockey World Cup in The Hague, and immediately wanted to try it out. About four weeks ago I finally got my hands on one, and bought it, after first testing it out.

    I chose the Compo 1 over the Carbon because it gave me that extra bit of feeling. With the carbon I felt I was tapping the ball left and right instead of smoothly pushing and pulling the ball.
    My previous stick was a Princess T14 7 star from 2011/12, which was a "100%" carbon stick with a bow that matches the V24 by Adidas. So I went down in the percentage of carbon and went to a stick with a lower bow.


    Hitting: Coming from a fairly straight stick to one which has a fairly low bow, I had to adjust my technique a bit. At first the balls went flying high, but after about 5 mins I was able to hit the balls in the goal wherever I wanted them. The stick has quite a large sweet spot, but you'll definitely hear/feel it when you don't quite hit it properly. Even though it doesn't have the same power as a full carbon does, it still packs one hell of punch.

    As Craig Boyne always tells us; Carbon percentage isn't a proper indicator of the hitting power of a stick (might have paraphrased it a bit)
    Which is pretty much what I found out when comparing this 70% carbon stick to my old Princess T14 100% carbon stick. They balls come flying of my stick at practically the same speed as my old stick.
    At least that's how it feels! Unfortunately, I don't have radar or whatever to measure the exact speed.

    But you have to take into account that my old stick 2 years older than this Adidas. Which means that stick technology and lay-up will probably have improved. So I'm not saying that the current Princess 7-star 100% carbon stick won't hit harder than this Compo 1.

    Pushing and receiving: As with hitting I had to adjust a bit, but it is really easy to put a lot of strength and speed in those pushes. Also due to the weight of the stick (light weight).
    Because of the lower carbon percentage the stick has a bit more feel to it, so whenever you receive the ball it won't bounce off your stick.

    Drag-flicking: I have never been able to do a decent drag-flick until I got this stick. The bow allows you to easily drag the ball from behind you and throw it anywhere in the net. Not that this stick has turned me into an expert all of a sudden, but I was amazed how the bow helped my technique. Unfortunately we don't have a drag-flick expert in our team so I haven't been able to get another person's view on the stick. But the stick makes want to practice it, so maybe in the next two years I'll be able to do a proper drag-flick.

    Aerials: Again the bow helps make aerials go further. Instead of pushing the ball higher in the sky, you're actually pushing it more forward to go over the defensive line instead of right in front of them.

    Dribbling: Because the stick is light and has enough feeling it makes dribbling faster and more smooth. The bow helps with lifting it up so you can properly use those 3D-skills. The ball sticks to the stick and I believe that's where the touch compound helps, it gives that extra bit of grip on the ball.
    Update (24-4-2015): The touch compound doesn't stay on very long. If you train twice a week, and play a match every week, it'll probably last you a month. Funny thing though, the paint on the face of the stick chips away a bit, creating a rough surface of its own. Which simulates the effect of the touch compound a bit, but not as well.

    Tomahawks: This is the only point I still have a bit of trouble with. My old stick was quite thick, almost like a Ritual, which made keeping the ball low while doing a tomahawk very easy. In fact, trying to get it up in the air was pretty hard, even when my knuckles were scraping the ground.
    With the Adidas it's almost completely the other way around. Now I'm having trouble keeping the ball low. The stick and the hook are fairly thin, so it's very easy to get below the ball and lift it up in the air.
    I'm a striker/offensive mid-fielder so 75% of the times I use it, it's in order to score goals, so I don't really mind if I lift it then. But if I'm going to pass the ball using a tomahawk I really need to make sure I keep it low. Not that this is something I don't like about the stick, it just means I need to adjust my tomahawk a bit. Because when I hit it right, the ball just blasts away.

    Final Words:
    Going from a high bow to a semi-low/mid bow was quite a shocker for me. I wanted to try something a bit more aggressive and that's what I got with the LX24. I needed to adjust/tweak a lot of my techniques but in the end they pretty much all turned out better than before. The stick allows me to drag-flick, what I've never been able to do, so that's definitely a +1 for me. I'd say the only bad thing about the stick is the paint on the heel of the hook, it disappears quite fast, but so far only the paint and not the aramid or fiberglass layer beneath it has scraped away.

    This has nothing to do with the stick, but I also removed the towel grip and replaced it with a chamois. Even though I'm a big guy and have some big hands, the towel grip over the original grip made the stick just feel to thick.

    Thanks for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed it. Looking forward to any comments or tips!
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  1. tommcgrath7
    Ohh okay :p would you recommend it over a chamois grip ?
    1. Palm87
      Well as you can read, I swapped it out for a chamois because i felt it was too thick a grip. But there a lots of people who like it thicker, again it's all about personal preference.
      Palm87, May 4, 2015
  2. tommcgrath7
    Good Review! Whats a towel grip ?
    1. Palm87
      Well... it's pretty self explanatory. And if you zoom in on the pictures you can see what it is. A grip with a towel like texture and feel.
      Palm87, May 4, 2015