Legend Warrior Red
  • Brand:
    Warrior Red
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    Carbon 90% / Fibre glass 5% / Kevlar 5%
    In my own opinion I love the design of this stick. Its simplistic, and that for me is a plus. It has a nice sleek design that just looks fantastic as you are dribbling past all those opposition players. The whole range for Legend Sports are fantastic, from the lowest to this stick at the highest. It rates 5*s for me.

    As soon as I received this stick the first thing I did was pretend as though I was dribbling as I was actually scared to damage it because it looked so good. It is weighted very well from head to toe. The maxi head on it is fantastic, and the matt finish of the actually stick itself is top notch.

    Now here is were things kick up a step. As mentioned it is a low bow, and they mean it when they say low. You would be hard pushed not to be able to drag flick or aerial with this stick. As for slap hitting and tomahawking, also great. You really don't need to put a lot of power behind the hit for it to go at pace towards the goal or in my case as a defender, away from my goal.

    I have to say there are few negatives for me from this stick. But for me it has taking a bit of time to get used to it, although I have only had it for 2 weeks now. I also find tomahawking with it quite different as with the bend you have to hit it at a strange stance as you are not as low to the ground but apart from that it is fantastic.

    The team
    The guys behind the scenes at this company where fantastic and they were talking to the all along during ordering and with deals and everything, so a big thanks everyone involved.

    Hopefully this isn't too bad for a first review.:eek:
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  1. RJcookstown
    Thanks Patrick, I actually found out about it from facebook and from a friend of mine. The guy who runs it is a good friend of his.
  2. Patrick121916
    Good to see you've used the right review template. Very good for a first review!
    How did you find out about this stick?
  3. RJcookstown
    Its just a flat face on it
  4. AtlasUser99
    is it a concave face?