Grays GR11000 xtreme
  • Brand:
    GR11000 xtreme bow
    Bow Type:
    High bow (300mm)
    I recently got my hands on the new GR11000 probow x-treme,and I haven't seen any reviews up yet, so here's my view on it. Please bear in mind these opinions are my own and may completely differ from what others think.


    Well you definitely won't miss it on the pitch. I find the bright yellow contrasting with the black is beautiful, however, some may not be too keen on the "flashiness" of the colours. The carbon weave on the face just ads to the beauty. For me 10/10.


    Technique is important here. The stick will help a lot but I find that the more you try and give it, the less you get out. You don't need to try and split the ball for it to ping straight and true towards the target. Power-wise the stick is good but not amazing and the extreme bow does make disguise slaps a little harder. However, apart from that, the groove and bow do not hinder the slapping ability at all but just remember, less is more. A solid 8/10.


    I know I am repeating myself but with hitting, less is more. The ball flies off the face into the roof and top corners of the net with ease although lots of practise is needed to keep the ball low as with the large bow the tendency is for the ball to rocket skywards. No vibrations either! Technique isn't too important and the sweet spot is massive and I find my best shots are when I'm hitting at about 80% power. 9/10

    Backhand striking:

    Much like the forehand striking the stick is amazing. Again the ball tends to fly upwards and practise is needed to keep it down due to the fact that the stick is quite thin. Apart from that the reverse hitting is great. Loads of power is generated and the velocity of the stick can be rather low for a rocket of a shot to still launch. 9/10.


    The bow definitely helps with this aspect although may take a little getting used to. The balls fly as high and long as other sticks and although i sound like a broken record - less power = better ariels with this stick. 9/10


    For me it is the definition of perfection. The whole flick just feels effortless with this stick and the ball just launches itself through the air and into the net. Compared to the probow of previous sticks I found it easier to generate power snd the groove in the shaft really does help.It's not a gimmick! It's doesn't effect general play, but it actually massively aids flicking! My only criticism is that initially you will need to adjust your technique slightly for low flicks as the ball really does like to lift off the stick. Overall 10/10


    Much like any other stick ,however, the extreme bow really does lift the ball off the ground when pushing with power creating bobble balls which are hard to stop. I find very little power is lost with a softer smoother push and the ball remains on the ground. 8/10


    Fantastic stick. The xtreme bow can cause a few problems but when gotten used to, the pros outweigh the cons. I can't think of many things that could be done to improve the stick and for that reason, contradictory to my fhf name, I will be playing with this stick probably until a Bluetooth version with a remote control pad stick comes out for me.

    Any questions feel free to ask!
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  1. adam00
    Great review- could you add a side-on photo showing the bow profile?
  2. jonberg
    Good review but I can't see myself paying £300 for a stick.
    1. asc1991
      Probow xtremes start from £110 for the GR5000 so you can find one to suit your budget pretty easily.
      asc1991, Sep 29, 2017