Grays GR11000 Probow Xtreme (2017)
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  • Brand:
    GR11000 Probow Xtreme
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    540 Gram
    Length: 36.5″
    Weight: 540g
    Grip: Voodoo Omen Grip

    My last played sticks:
    - Code Red Shogun
    - Gryphon Tour Samurai
    - Grays KN12000 Probow
    - Osaka ProTour LTD Protobow
    - Adidas DF24 Carbon

    It's been a long time since my last review and after using so many different sticks from different brands I feel like I can share my experiences from a much more differentiated point of view. That's why I really wanted to write a review about this stick and maybe I will follow up with some reviews to my previous ones.


    Design: The flashy yellow in contrast to the black carbon looks really nice in my opinion. Also the octagon decals gives the GR range a distinct and modern look. I definitely prefer this design over the KN ranges design.

    Feel and Balance (9/10): This stick hits the balance between stiffness and feel exactly right for me. It's definitely on the stiffer side especially compared to my Code Red Shogun which feels much softer but still is not lacking in power. Where the GR11000 exceeds is the balance when you pick it up. It just feels like a perfectly balanced 50:50 distribution where you don't get this really head light feel and think you get no mass behind the ball when hitting but also it's far away from head heavy where the stick would feel really sluggish for dribbling.

    Power (10/10): Looking at power you can't ask for more. On a par with the Tour Samurai and excelling the KN12000. This is a really powerful stick with a good sweetspot.


    Hitting (10/10): I never had so much fun hitting with a stick before. The probow xtreme shape makes it so effortless to hit it under the crossbar. If you're used to playing with extreme lowbows it takes only a few training hours until you're adjusted to also hitting it flat and hard anytime you want.

    Slap hitting(9/10): I haven't had any problems slapping with the probow extreme shape and especially if you're someone who likes to roll the ball of the stick instead of hitting it, the concave shaft is really adding some power to it.

    : For my playstyle this stick is perfect for dribbling and 3D skills. The great balance, the low bow position and the concave face gives great agility and control. I was surprised how much the concave face helped me to stay in control when doing mid-air skills where I had to work much harder with a flat face.

    Tomahawk(10/10): The xtreme backhand zone on this stick is just bonkers, it's really big and flat. That makes this stick by far the best one for reverse edge hitting that I've ever used. The ball just flies of it and it's so easy to control and keeping it flat if you want to.

    Overhead Flicks(9/10): I really struggled at first with getting anymore distance, than with my previous sticks, in my first training session. But then I had to play a match and it just clicked. I consistently flicked over half a pitch which I couldn't do before. From my expirience the only stick that's even better for overheads is the Tour Samurai.

    Dragflicking (10/10): With the great balance and the xtreme shape this stick is the best one for dragflicking that I've used so far. I don't think it's a huge difference that gives this the win over a DF24 or a Tour Samurai but having owned most of the well known dragflicking shapes I can easily say that Grays has made the most extreme one and it also suits my technique very well.
    But please don't think you'll get good in dragflicking only because you buy this stick. Technique is the most important thing when flicking.


    Playing with this stick is just the most fun I've had since starting using lowbows. The balance is great, the power is impressive and the feel is really good. The thing that's the most intriguing for me is the Probow Xtreme shape. You really have to experience it for yourself to appreciate this clever design.
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