DF24 Carbon 2015/16
  • Brand:
    DF24 Carbon
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    90% Carbon, 5% Aramid, 5% Glass Fibre
    540 grams
    Adidas DF24 Carbon 2015/16 Stick Review

    Relationship to item- Personal Purchase
    Retailer- Rampage sport http://www.rampagesport.eu/en/
    Price: £185.27
    RRP- £270

    As of now (6pm GMT 10/09/15 this stick is only £220 direct from Adidas: http://www.adidasspecialtysports.co.uk/product/df24-carbon-hockey-stick/A97908


    I used the DF24 Carbon for almost the entire 2014/15 season, I had one defect and one break. The first had an air bubble which appeared after only a few weeks and was replaced free of charge, the second shattered on the reverse edge and cracked on the back and front face, I didn't ask for a replacement as I had been using it from around October to February 4-5 times per week. Despite these issues I decided to buy the new look DF24 for the 2015/16 season because I loved it so much the first time round.

    Features/ selling points:
    (mostly lifted from: http://www.adidasspecialtysports.co.uk/product/df24-carbon-hockey-stick/A97908 )
    • Dual carbon rods filled with foam for shock absorption and increased power
    • Drag-flick groove for faster ball acceleration and enhanced precision
    • TOUCH COMPOUND supports the contact patch with hook to ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy
    • 3XTREME24: most extreme adidas bow available for the penalty corner specialist aiding fast and precise drag flicking
    • Oval endcap for a more extreme bow shape
    • Reinforced main impact areas
    • Updated material configuration
    • FIH rule compliant
    • 90% carbon / 5% glass fibre / 5% aramid
    • It has a 24mm bow at 200mm from the bottom of the stick

    Noticeable improvements over previous DF24:
    1. Reinforced main impact areas
    2. Updated material configuration
    3. New grip (far better than the standard grip on the previous DF24)

    Regarding No1 above, it appears as though the area of the stick covered in the 'touch-compound' has aramid underneath, the previous version did not, this should add some shock absorption and prevent wear on the face of the stick.

    How does the stick handle and feel?
    • It takes getting used to when moving from other low bows or from a mid bow.
    • Very nice, this is a low bow stick similar to the JDH APX795 XLB I have been using since my previous DF24 broke, but its oval end cap allows for a more extreme bow while still remaining legal and I find the DF groove really does improve drag flicking.
    • The 'touch-compound' causes the ball to stay on the end of the stick when dribbling and scooping over a defender's stick.
    • 3D skills are a piece of cake thanks to the profile and thin head making it easier to get under the ball.
    • Reverse hits are nice but beware that the thin reverse edge can cause the ball to lift.
    • Aerials are easier compared to my JDH as it has a thinner head so it is easier to get under the ball, the bow also helps.
    • The grip is far better than the previous DF24 but personally it is too thin in the hand and does not provide much in the way of shock absorption. (I did not realise that the grip I bought to go over the JDH's standard grip was actually what comes on this stick and can be bought here: http://www.barringtonsports.com/products/adidas_pu_hockey_grip_2015/24845/view ).
    The DF24 Carbon is a great stick for a drag flicker, anyone looking to become a drag flicker, any player who likes extreme low bow sticks or someone looking for something a little bit different. :)
    If you don't feel like spending this much money on a stick then the DF24 Compo 1 is almost identical, the only difference being its composition of materials; 70% carbon 25% glass fibre, 5% aramid.
    (I have included and a bunch of photos showing the stick, including some next to the previous DF24 carbon.)

    This is the best stick I have used and I've used a lot of sticks in the 12 years I've been playing, highly recommended from me :D.

    (if you ever order from Rampage sports this discount code is for forum members: FHF2015 )
  1. Jack Gallucci
    I have never owned a df24 and I was considering buying one but I was wondering if the groove affected slapping/trapping?
    1. sammzib
      in my experience it does not affect slapping as you use the end of the stick to slap rather than higher up the face. the only time it affects trapping is when you are upright stopping a bouncing ball, but technique can be adjusted so this does not become a problem
      sammzib, Nov 19, 2015
  2. AtlasUser99
    how's the stick holding up still?
    because you said it looks more reinforced than old ones, I heard the previous model carbons broke easily
    1. sammzib
      my previous carbon did break quite easily, as soon as i started doing reverse hits properly towards the end of last season the edge shattered but this one is holding up far better
      sorry i took so long to reply, been busy
      sammzib, Nov 19, 2015