Beikou PRO scoop 90
Stick Reviews item created by CG14, Dec 23, 2016
  • Brand:
    PRO scoop 90
    Bow Type:
    Mid/Low bow (200mm - 250mm)
    90% + Braided Carbon Sleeve
    So I have used this stick for most of last season in Australia and given it a thorough test.
    I purchased a BEIKOU LOW 90 along with it. Both sticks I have loaned to others to try so have been given plenty good feedback on both.
    Luckily I have also owned a DRAG 90 and MID 90.

    This stick gets lots of compliments. The bright orange pops out on the face and the small B on the head looks slick.
    The Braided sleeve is superb looking and looks " proper " , rather than just a pretend stick on carbon effect sticker.
    The head has that great balance betwen being thin and nimble looking but substantial enough to give the ball a confident rattle.
    What I find perfect is the width of the stick. Wide enough to provide trapping confidence but smooth and thin enough for easy management. Brilliant balance. Talking of which . . .

    These sticks have a nice high balance so they feel agile but again it's perfectly see sawed out in that you know you still have plenty meat on your sandwich. In saying that this is certainly not just a Big Mac or Whopper. Much more Wagyu on a toasted Ciabatta with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil done on the BBQ by JAMIE OLIVER at your local hockey club for charity - a bit different, tailored and classy but still plenty beef to hammer a hockey ball with!

    Anyway I'm getting a tad carried away.
    Hitting power is wonderful. As I usually say , no it's not Gryphon TOUR but up there with Adidas Carbon for example.

    Feel is devine. It's neither hollow/tinny ( Ritual esque ) but it's not solid ( Blue Steel esque ). I do love both these sticks just meaning to say the PRO scoop 90 is somewhere in between like most sticks are. I personally find it a better touch than Adidas and Mazon sticks with similar Carbon %'s for comparison sake.

    It's a middle grounder in general terms when looking at the specs but that sounds like an insult when you actually see it. The bow is pretty decent and when you add the scoop on the face it's fun. On the other hand the bow is smooth and straight enough to not be too scary making flat hitting simples .
    When everyone I know has picked the stick up they have a wry smile. It just looks like a sensible mould but then the rather deep scoop creates intrigue.

    It is deep and there is no doubt it helps ball control e.g indian dribble skills immensely.
    3D dribbles and jinks again hugely aided.
    The first game I used it I confess I was at top D and tried to crack a flat ball to my teammate on the post. Normally I'm decent enough to manage this but I got a bit twitchy under the pump and smashed it wasit height at him. ( he was OK ). Honestly though this was the only time the Scoop had any negative effect on my play.
    The SCOOP is not a specialist drag flicking stick so if this is your bag you may want to consider the DRAG 90.
    Overheads lovely jubbly with the Scoop and mould. For my technique it suits perfectly though others may find lower bows better of course.
    General play, penalty strokes wondeful.

    Just a top quality great all rounder stick where the scoop just adds that bit extra.

    To throw a spanner in the works I add that the vast majority of people who tried both the LOW and the SCOOP prefered the LOW.?!?!

    Now to keep with tradition . . . . coamparing this stick to a Football ( soccer ) player I'm going Kevin de Bruyne
    1. Mould was tried before and even though it's potential could be seen didn't work out straight away. Came back to the big league and looks the absolute business
    2. both with a good bit bright orange on the head.
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  1. joe large084
    what have you used for the grip on this stick
    1. CG14
      Hi buddy.
      I have added 2 new photographs so to show the grips.
      Black undergrip is Gryphon chubby straight on the stick.
      White tape overgrip is LEUKOBAND.

      I have cut the end caps with a saw to 37"
      BEIKOU end caps look fantastic and are superb quality.
      CG14, Jan 27, 2017