Beikou Pro 90 Stick
Stick Reviews item created by Elliot, Jan 2, 2016
  • Brand:
    Pro 90
    Bow Type:
    Mid bow (250mm)
    90% Carbon Fibre; 5% Aramid; 5% Glass Fibre
    I bought myself the Beikou Pro 90 stick after being hugely impressed with their Duffel Bag (read my review of the bag here) and I am in no way affiliated with the brand - just wanted to put my thoughts on the stick down in a review to help out any other forum users considering a stick from a new brand.

    In this review, I wont duplicate the factual information easily available on the Beikou website about the stick as I think they have presented their range perfectly clearly themselves (see details of their range here). I paid £145 for the stick, but was able to use the 'Christmas' promotion discount code to save 20%. With fast shipping, the stick cost me £121.50 all in.

    To help you understand my starting position in terms of reviewing this stick, I play Central Midfield (normally bottom of the diamond) for a mid-table 1st team in the regional Midlands league in the UK and used a Grays GX7000 Dynabow (Micro) prior to buying this Beikou. I tested this stick on a free astro over the Christmas break in the UK so haven't yet tried it out in a game or a training session.

    I think this stick looks good. I wouldn't choose a stick based on its looks but don't think the design of this stick will put many people off. You can see the photos below that show how the stick looks.


    This stick feels good too.

    It came with a undergrip beneath the stock-fitted grip, which when the (included fee) chamois was added made it too thick for my liking. It was easy enough to remove, and now with the stock grip and the chamois only, it suits my grip preferences perfectly.

    Obviously how it feels on the ball is what matters. Moving to a 90% carbon stick (from my Grays GX7000 which is 80% carbon I believe?) means that there is quite a change in the feel compared to what I am used too. Dribbling felt fine but I will need to concentrate on my first touch when receiving passes in training this week as I expect this will generate more bounce back if my hands aren't soft enough.


    Hitting - this stick hits hard. I haven't played with top of the range Gryphons or Rituals so cant compare it with them, but it transfers significantly more power than my Grays. Even when swinging slowly or at half-grip sent the ball pinging towards the corners. Lifting it was easy too.
    Slapping - I have to second FastForward24's comments on slapping with this stick. Unlike hitting, it doesn't deliver power as effortlessly everytime. I believe this is just a case of my (lack of) technique and getting used to finding the sweet spot consistently. As a CM, slapping is a big part of my game so will need to put the hours in at training to get this right before league games start up again next weekend!
    Flicking - I'm not much of a flicker, and draggers will select a different stick from the Beikou range, but this stick can competently handle modest aerials and find the top corners from the mid-D areas.

    1. Removing the undergrip was a pain. Of course, not every player will want to do this as some prefer thicker handles.
    2. The stick comes fitted with an end cap which does absorb vibrations, but makes it a little longer than other 36.5" sticks and a little chunkier in the left hand. Personal preference again, and just something I will get used to the more I use the stick.
    I am very happy with this stick and cant wait to get training again early January. The same as the Beikou Duffel Bag, this stick represents fantastic value for money and a great stick. I am hugely impressed with Beikou.
  1. AbuSaahilHockey
    Great review Jag. I've been looking around the forum and have read some really positive comments on these sticks. I know people have mixed feelings on the way these Beikou sticks look but I personally love the funky designs on offer. I think you might have just convinced me to get a hold of one for myself.
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  2. BlindGoalie613
    Beginning to think I was the only one who liked the slightly thicker undergrip..
    Nice review though, you'll get there with the slapping technique too. It took me about 3 or 4 hours of solid practice to get my technique going really smoothly with it.
    1. Elliot
      I think I have grown into bad habits with my Grays GX7000 which is much more forgiving if I connect with the ball further up the shaft of the stick rather than on the head
      Elliot, Mar 17, 2016