Beikou Pro 70 2015
  • Brand:
    Pro 70
    Bow Type:
    Mid/Low bow (200mm - 250mm)
    70% Carbon, 20% Fibreglass, 5% Aramid
    So, The stick review it seems a disproportionate number of you are excited for. Our very own @Craggsy decided to start up his own stick company, and offered me the chance to join the sponsorship team. After a delightfully brief order-to-arrival process (4 business days + a weekend) I had this beauty in my hands.

    And so we reach the Beikou Pro 70.
    Clean simple design. Not too flashy (but beautifully shiny), clean and simple design and a not too obnoxious colour scheme. The out of the package grip is just a simple white cushion grip. Nothing fancy but it did the job. The white shammy grip included as well was excellent. No complaints at all and a great addition to the stick. My only gripe visually is that it isn't matte rather than glossy.

    The stick's shape, 24mm bow at 250mm from the head of the stick is supposed to be a mid bow. But in reality it sits comfortably in a niche mid-low hybrid, that isn't really occupied by anyone other than the Gryphon Pro. It hits like a midbow, but with the flicking shape and design of a low bow stick.
    This kind of mid bow might prove divisive however. Drag flickers and aggressive flickers might prefer a lower shape, and hitters might be put off by the aggressive shaping. For me however, the stick's shape and styling are absolutely perfect.

    Dribbling and Stick Response
    The stick feels deceptively responsive on the ball. While there was a very smooth touch compound on the face of the stick, I found it wasn't needed to be able to control the ball well. The stick turns in your hands quite nicely and is very responsive. The balance point was also quite high up the stick, which leaves the head feeling quite light and unobtrusive to dribble with.

    Pushing and Flicking
    The 70% carbon content was much less stiff and forgiving that I was used to, so the initial adjustment process was a little frustrating. After that however I've been slotting pushes with a lot more control and accuracy than previous. The flex in the stick is also nice as you can really sling your passes through well.
    Flicking and overheads are what I feel the stick's biggest strength are though. The aggressive mid-low bow is absolutely perfect for this. No matter how badly I seemed to pick the ball up, the feel and bow on the stick were incredibly forgiving. My current record is a 40 meter-ish flick on the move as I was coming out of full back, which felt absolutely effortless (and apparently looked it too).

    Slapping and Hitting
    Slapping with this stick seems to be a gamble of some sort. While I wouldn't say it was the stick's strongest point, the technique adjustment required to achieve maximum pace was pretty large. The sweet spot for slapping seemed to be rather misplaced, especially compared to how hitting felt. Even after three weeks, and multiple hours, I'm still not 100% confident slapping with the stick.
    The same however, cannot be said for the stick's hitting. For a 70% carbon stick, the power felt very understated and deceptive. The sweet spot, while small is quite explosive. Be prepared though to put in about 10 hours adjusting to the increased feel, and the sharper bow of the stick compared to similar moulds. When hits come off though, they really explode off the stick. While I wouldn't quite say it's a better stick to hit with than my Gryphon, it comes out ahead of the significantly more expensive Grays stick I last used. Those that follow me on the forum should know how big a call that is.

    Overall, my first prevailing thought process is: if this is what Beikou can do with a first run of sticks, then I'm eagerly awaiting the years to come.
    This stick looks and feels absolutely fantastic. For the price point (104 Pound or 220 AUD) this stick blows away everything else on the market. Though other sticks may do skills better, I haven't found a stick that is as forgiving to use when you maker mistakes, and that rewards perfectly timed hits and well executed skills. The mould, layup and composition aren't for everyong, but the stick really does feel fantastic to play with. I've even converted a few clubmates to the cause.
    If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. If you'd like some more photos, let me know what kind of angle and I'll post them ASAP.
    Keep your eye on Beikou in the future.

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