Beikou Nomad Duffel Bag
Bags item created by BlindGoalie613, Oct 23, 2015
  • First, the basics. For those who don't know, I'm sponsored by Beikou Hockey so make of that information what you will. I'd like to think that even with my sponsorship, I'm still an objective reviewer.
    As a start, here's the information off the website for it:
    • Fabric: 1000D laminated ballistic nylon, with 840D nylon base
    • Capacity: 70 Litres
    • Stick carry straps, allowing you to carry two sticks with ease
    • Stick straps also allow for carrying of items such as umbrellas and ski poles
    • Rugged water resistant construction with double stitching
    • Padded backpack style shoulder straps
    • Large D flap opening with zip fasteners
    • Two internal pockets for storing valuables
    • Carry handles on top and ends for added versatility
    • ID pouch on top of bag
    The Nomad Duffel is built super solid. Like, really solid. The nylon material feels thick and solid. The zippers are anchored into the material well, and I couldn't find any loose threads or manufacturing defects.
    The bag comes with two sets of straps upon purchase. Backpack straps, and carry handles. After using the bag for a few training sessions, I decided I didn't like the backpack straps and was pleasantly suprised that the straps fed out through the loops, meaning I didn't have to chop them off and risk damaging the bag. Using the carry handles so far has been absolutely fine for how I want to use the bag and having the option to re-attach the backpack straps if I want to is also mighty fine.
    The only addition I would make to the bag's construction would be perhaps a solid base, rather than just the extra layer of padding that exists there currently.

    As you can see from the photos, there's two internal pockets as well as the main compartment. The mesh pocket under the lid of the bag has enough space for a whole lot more than what I have in it. It's well attached, and doesn't hang too much off the bag and drag it downwards which is good.

    The second internal pocket is the standard valuables pocket, Again, no criticism here. Feels well constructed, no fraying or access issues. Zipper pulled smoothly and didn't jerk or snag.


    Internally, the bag is huge. I've got two drink bottles, my hockey shoes, shinguards, two coaching folders, a ball bag, towel and my sumemr hockey uniform in there and its barely half full. Along with the stick racks (one on each side) there's a huge amount of room in the bag for whatever you need.

    Also included were two smaller bags for wet clothing or training gear. I repurposed one as a ball bag and currently use the other for its intended purpose. These work pretty well. No complaints.

    Overall, I really like this bag. Solid construction and ridiculosly bright colour helps me stand out, something my playing doesn't do.
    The Beikuo Nomad Duffle is available for purchase here.

    If you have any further questions about the bag, I'm happy to help and if all else fails message @Craggsy
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  1. Peter Alan
    My favorite to choose duffel bag is the best brand that is American apparel it is the best quality and reasonable rates.
  2. Riley Harper
    What is the blue tape you have on your stick @BlindGoalie613?? Looks great!
    1. BlindGoalie613
      Blue Leuko K Tape. Not an amazing tape as it doesn't hold well but made a decent grip if fastened I guess.
      BlindGoalie613, Feb 21, 2016
    2. Riley Harper
      Riley Harper, Feb 22, 2016
  3. CG14
    Love this from BEIKOU
    Is the base just plain black ?
    Would it be cooler if it had a large logo underneath so when strapped onto your back people could see it was a Beikou bag?
    1. BlindGoalie613
      Base is plain black, embossing could work and would be rather cool. @Craggsy an idea perhaps?
      BlindGoalie613, Feb 21, 2016
    2. Craggsy
      That was my idea, but it was difficult to perfect on the bottom. It would have to be very resistant to wear so need to find something that would last!
      Craggsy, Feb 21, 2016
  4. Elliot
    Just ordered mine! Thanks for such a comprehensive review.
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    2. Craggsy
      I'm sure all the test sticks making their way to Melbourne are enough of a bonus for now...
      Craggsy, Dec 22, 2015
    3. Elliot
      I got the Pro 90 - it was delivered this morning. The included chamois was a nice touch. Trying to see if I can get some pitch time to test it out as the first training session after our Xmas break seems a long way off right now!
      Elliot, Dec 22, 2015
    4. BlindGoalie613
      BlindGoalie613, Dec 24, 2015
  5. FastForward24
    Ordered mine just now. Hopefully here before this weekends hockey free trip to the Lake District with the missus and the pooch!
    1. BlindGoalie613
      Yeah, I think mine will be my new "going away" bag now too. It's just THAT big.
      BlindGoalie613, Oct 27, 2015
  6. BlindGoalie613
    I can also now confirm (after an unfortunate incident) that the bag is ridiculosly waterproof.
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  7. sammyhan
    Great Review!! gonna order mine on thursday.
  8. AtlasUser99
    are we going to see a review for the stick soon?

    1. BlindGoalie613
      Patience..I've only had it a week.
      BlindGoalie613, Oct 24, 2015
  9. CG14
    Reminds me of North Face bags but that is only a good thing.
    Bag and stick look a cool pair.
    1. BlindGoalie613
      Love me some TNF gear.
      BlindGoalie613, Oct 24, 2015
  10. Waxxxed
    Nice review.
    Do you not put your shoes in a separate bag?
    Like a small little boot-bag, then put that inside the duffel?
    To stop the bits of turf etc from running amok inside and sullying your other stuff?
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    2. BlindGoalie613
      I tried my shoes, didn't fit perfectly so now I just have my clothing in it.
      BlindGoalie613, Oct 26, 2015
    3. Craggsy
      Shoes must be bigger down under!
      Craggsy, Oct 26, 2015
    4. BlindGoalie613
      Eh, it doesn't bother me! I didn't even think of using it like that, so if it had worked it would have been an added bonus but it not working doesn't phase me.
      BlindGoalie613, Oct 26, 2015