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  • Brand:
    MID 90
    Bow Type:
    High bow (300mm)
    90% carbon
    560g. ( 395 balance )
    How many times do we read on the forum

    ' I want a new stick that is super duper powerful but has the softest lightest touch '

    Hhhmmmmmm not possible ????? Well

    As most of you know Beikou has been created by our awesome fellow member Craggsy.
    I'm sure many of us have thought

    "I could design a hockey stick that looks great and plays fantastic!"

    I reckon Craggsy has done this and more

    A fairly simple looking stick. I really like the Beikou graphic and B logo and they do pop out nice on the field.
    Personally I am not a fan of the tile design but it does look better in the ' flesh ' than in photographs
    Now I may have been privileged to have seen next seasons designs which are due to be released soon and can assure you that they are top notch looking. The "ducks nuts" as the nice bald guy on MKR says!


    Now I am in my older years and do enjoy mid bow sticks. In honesty is it the best stick I have ever used ?
    Nope but it is a cracker

    As others have said the Beikou 90's have fantastic touch. I have not tried a Beikou 70 but can only imagine they would be sublime though when it is so good with 90% behind you then why bother? Normally the answer here is cost. Not here as its only £115

    YES £115 for a 90% carbon stick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The touch and trapping is ridiculously good

    Hitting is awesome. There are harder hitting sticks out there but this has a humongous sweet spot. Less Ferrero Rocher waxxed and more huge family size tin of roses!Boom.
    Slight negative here is there is some flex in the stick which some may not love.
    Compared to others I really enjoy this when slapping and was up and running straight away

    I sent this in an email to Craggsy

    Anyway I reckon this correlates to the GRASSROOTS perfectly.
    The abundance of hockey players who train once a week ( or not at all ) and have a game at the weekend that desire a stick that

    1. Aids simple trapping and controlling of the ball yet

    2. Lets them smash thunderbolts up the park, transfers or SHOTS AT GOAL and

    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY doesn't cost them a fortune

    4. Make them look like a diddy running around with a brand new df24 carbon/Tour Samurai that they can't use

    This is what you get with this Beikou
    It's super easy to use and I genuinely believe will suit all levels and abilities

    I have a habit of comparing sticks to footballers
    This one is . . . . . . N'Golo Kante
    Yip was unheard of until recently. Playing for a so called small team ( Leicester City )but have done somewhat well this season!
    Alex Ferguson says
    " N'Golo Kante is by far the best player in the Premier League this season "
    You should always listen to a Scotsman.
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