Beikou Duffel Bag
Bags item created by Elliot, Dec 16, 2015
  • This is my first review on the forum, so please keep criticism constructive!

    I am in no way affiliated with Beikou, but felt obliged to review this bag after purchasing one having read BlindGoalie613's excellent review here on the forum. I needed a new bag after my long-service Gryphon Big-Mo was starting to show signs of wear after over 2 seasons of use.

    First Impressions
    On first impressions, this bag appears to be very well made - the material is thick and feels waterproof. The straps and zips appear well attached as well. It is currently only available in yellow (I think) which may put some people off, but looks very similar to a bag sold by a well-known mountaineering/snowboarding company, but for £35, is a fraction of the price.
    (to give scale, the stick in the photo is 36.5 length)


    The bag specifications are available on the Beikou site, which you have probably already seen if you are considering purchasing the bag so I wont repeat them here. But in real terms the bag has one main compartment that is more than big enough for an outfield player to take everything they need to a game - shoes, change of clothes, shower stuff, bananas, water bottles, tape, shinpads etc. The compartment includes a small zipped pocked for valuables and a mesh zipped pocked on the inside of the 'lid' where I have put tape/grip/gum shield. Some players may prefer a bag with multiple compartments to separate wet kit or dirty shoes, but this bag includes two small mesh bags to keep kit separate (I have always used plastic bags, but this is a classy touch from Beikou). These mesh bags are just big enough for my size 10 Adidas hockey shoes, but if you have bigger feet than me, yours may not fit.

    The little details

    The bag has "hold-all" style handles and "backpack" style straps, which means I can use this bag comfortably when cycling to games or training sessions. The bag also has velcro straps on the side to attached a stick, which will work perfectly when carrying the bag, but when cycling and wearing it as a backpack may not hold the stick tight enough to stop it slipping down - will test this when its lighter in the evenings!

    In conclusion, this is a great bag and much better quality than I would expect for such an affordable price. The exceptional attention to detail that shows Beikou is clearly a company run by hockey players.
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