ATLAS Redback
Stick Reviews item created by CG14, Jun 29, 2015
  • Brand:
    Bow Type:
    High bow (300mm)
    Undisclosed . Estimate - 90-95% carbon
    I have had this current Redback for 3 months so have played roughly 10 games with it and have given it a good test.

    Classic and classy. The current models have slightly larger writing and the white ATLAS really stands out on the matt black and is noticeable from a distance.
    Certainly not the fanciest nor super modern pretty stick out there BUT

    What this stick and ATLAS in general are all about!
    This Redback has a smooth feel and sublime touch on the ball
    What a hockey stick should feel like.
    The closest brand I could relate it to would be PRINCESS. I have had a couple of 7* T14s and they are reasonably similar.
    Power is massive. OK so is it Gryphon TOUR . . . .? . . . . . .? . . . . . . . . . .?
    Well not quite but as powerful if not more than anything else. Honest
    So a great balance of lovely feel and stonking power
    Have a look at The Indian Internationals that use ATLAS . Please . Some off them have removed the stock grip completely and have only thin elastic tape as a grip. Obviously these are top players but kinda shows what silky touch and feedback you get from these sticks yet still thunder shots.

    I have also had an ATLAS BlackJet and again it is a cracker off a stick. The most popular off the range. It is very similar though I would say the Redback has an ever so slightly higher balance point and is a tad more tricky to play with. MORE ping MORE zing

    These sticks are good examples of where the lay up of the carbon and placement of the fibres can make huge differences. What I mean is they are actually the same weight and composition but are tinkered with to play slightly different.

    This is a J - curve 24mm bow . Pretty classic mould and an all rounder.

    Ok so I thought I would continue to show respect to Rajulicious852 and compare sticks to Footballers.
    The Redback would be Steven Gerard.
    Solid looking, midfield general who is comfortable playing all over the park. No bright pink boots, naff tattoos or metrosexual haircuts! Can tackle hard, amazing range of passing and can hit some ferocious shots.
    So basically if you are trailing 3 nil in a huge final at half time this is the stick you need to come out and single handedly win the game. Enough said

    Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this stick or other ATLAS sticks .
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  1. Christian
    Would it be possible for you too do a comparison between this stick and a JDH x79tt? I understand if you can't because you haven't used the x79tt and that's fine if you haven't, I am looking for a comparison so I can show it to my friend, he has just bought the JDH x79hh but already he's bought the Atlas Redback, he thinks all the power comes from the stick and not the player, any review would be nice and I found this very informative on the redback!
  2. dioncuthbert
    sorry i ment aerials.
    1. CG14
      It's not a drag flicking stick. For drag flicking go C- curve or Dragstar.
      Aerials / overheads are pretty good with J - curve as thin head and adequate bow
      The C - curve aids overheads amazingly well as its almost like a spoon so if your game is all about drag flicks and aerials C - curve is probably the way to go.
      CG14, Nov 22, 2015
    2. CG14
      Personally I find I almost get under aerials too much with C- curve/Jumbow/protobow etc. and can hook them too high and not as accurate as J - curve but if I played with one consistent I would hopefully correct my technique. I still really love the REDBACK as it's just a fantastic all rounder.
      CG14, Nov 22, 2015
  3. dioncuthbert
    what is the j-curve like for flicking?
  4. Rajulicious852
    Hey CG - who told you that the Black Jet and Redback are the same weight and composition? Is it Atlas insider knowledge? ;)
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    1. CG14
      Heybuddy. Yip a very reliable source told me this. They have an engineering background and spend months each year tweaking the lay ups and fibre placement in the factory.
      CG14, Jul 13, 2015
  5. Rajulicious852
    First little go with the new stick. First impressions are good. Slapping, tomahawks, 3D skills... tick.

    A proper review will be up at some point; who knows when...
  6. Rajulicious852
    Would love to own a Black Jet C-Curve at some point.

    The new stick's in Hong Kong, I'll be there soon though. Think I'll save it till my exam results are out though - it'll be a long wait!
    1. and_alloy
      I prefer the Redback better...especially in the 2016 model...
      and_alloy, Feb 12, 2016
  7. CG14
    Almost went with Frank Lampard Inselaffen so may not have went down too well either ?!hehe
    BlackJet is J - curve also .Good for comparison I felt.
    The C - curve BlackJet is a weapon . Previously I described it as a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Yip the Indian guys grips are different . No under grip just elastic tape with extra around the end cap. I guess would support the heal off your left hand and give consistent positioning , rest palm when executing skills and would never slip and drop it!!!
    Do you have your new stick mate?
  8. Inselaffen
    "The Redback would be Steven Gerard." - must be a bit slippy then
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    1. Rajulicious852
      Haha are you a Chelsea fan then?
      Rajulicious852, Jul 1, 2015
    2. Inselaffen
      No a United fan.
      Inselaffen, Jul 2, 2015
  9. Rajulicious852
    What are the Indian guys doing to the tops of their grips as well? Any ideas why?
  10. Rajulicious852
    Haha I'm so flattered CG! What mould is your Black Jet?