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  • Here is what Asics say

    "The GEL-Lethal Elite 6 is a boot that has been specifically designed for touch football. The combination of medially and laterally placed DuoMax posts, as well as a midfoot Trusstic, makes this boot very stable. GEL units placed in the forefoot and rearfoot coupled with HG10mm technology minimise the risk of potential injury during play."

    Although 'specifically designed for touch football' when has that ever stopped hockey players using 'non-hockey' stuff for hockey?

    With the bright colours and a number of elite athletes (Sam Ward being my favourite) using them, i was instantly drawn towards them!

    First obstacle, was finding them!

    Eventually I found them on in my size and good price tag. $138.14 AUD (including shipping to the UK at $20 AUD) which translated to £77.00 GBP BARGAIN!

    2 weeks later they arrived! Instantly I fell in love with them! Upon trying them on, they were super comfortable, well fitted (with 2 pairs of hockey socks) felt supple yet durable and of course the colours were nuts! Just how i like my hockey gear!

    Having now played a few games i can tell you that they are brilliant!

    Very grippy! Not too dissimilar from my Soloman Speedcross Pro i had been using prior.

    Very comfortable, when running around thanks to the Gel units that asics are obsessed with.

    Very unique! Lots of people have been commented on them, some positive, some negative (not everyone loves the bright colours, but its all a distraction)

    Main issue I have had is the insoles.... They keep slipping back in the shoe so there is a gap at the front! Although only a small issue, it is quite annoying. Most likely I will get a new insole with perhaps more cushioning (bad knees).

    Also, the finishing by the top of the lacing isn't great (seen File_001), could have been finished more neatly to avoid fraying. Nothing major, just hope it doesn't mean they will fall apart on me!

    Grip - 8/10
    Comfort - 7/10
    Looks - 11/10

    Overall 8.7/10 (would recommend to a friend, although, don't want other people steal my style!)

    p.s. apologies for the sand on the shoes, had just finished a session
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  1. Ben267
    Great review! Damn I want a pair ;)

    Did you have to pay any import tax on them?
    1. sbatewilliams
      luckily I didn't, but lets keep that between us haha :p
      sbatewilliams, Sep 9, 2016
  2. jonny lankfer
    A website called stringer sports from australia sells them for 99AD which is a good price and has a short delivery of 2 weeks
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  3. BlindGoalie613
    All I'll say're going to lose toenails.
    Great grip but godawful foot protection.
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    1. sbatewilliams
      lots and lots of ladder drills :p
      sbatewilliams, Jun 12, 2016
    2. BlindGoalie613
      BlindGoalie613, Jun 13, 2016
  4. Herbs
    this is brilliant, thank you so much for writing this. ive ordered them and have never been more excited for anything in my life
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    1. sbatewilliams
      no worries, glad it was helpful!
      sbatewilliams, May 31, 2016