Alien AX5
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    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    The Specifics

    The Alien AX5 features a super low 24.9mm bow at 200mm which also includes a groove for flicking power. A weight of 535g which balances 380mm from the head. It is made using the hybrid formula CKZ, Carbon, Zylon and Kevlar for more strength and lighter weight. The carbon is MDCS (Multi Directional Carbon Strand) and the stick has Exo Spines on the back for increased stiffness. The face of the head is coated with a silica face for better ball control, the looks outweigh the functionality though. It has an EXTREMELY aggressive head shape.

    The Looks

    Personally I love this stick's design but I also cop a bit of sledging from team mates about it being 'babyish' which they say is because of the font of 'Alien'. The rods on the back stop both sides looking like mirror images. The rest of the stick however is very smooth and definitely stands out on the field, if you want to be that type of person like me. It doesn't have a carbon weave look like all the other main stream sticks but has a coating of kevlar on the back and front which gives it a super sleek look. There has been a large amount of detail put into the stick.

    The Feel

    The Alien AX5 has a feel unlike any other. While dribbling you can enjoy the soft touch in your hands and also feel the strength and power within the stick waiting the be unleashed. It has the soft and forgiving feel when dribbling and the raw crack without the jarring when hitting which is very surprising for a stick so thin. It balances nicely in your hands with enough it let you know it's there but to still give you full control.

    The Play

    ...Effortless Power...unlike other sticks where power comes with low balance points, heavy weights or a hard touch the AX5 has none of these but still keeps the power. For those who worry, "oh, will the groove disrupt my slapping" or "I will never be able to hit flat with that bow" probably can't to do any of these skills with a straight stick, if you cant hit flat with your normal stick you will have no problems hitting flat with this stick. The skill it performs best is tomahawks (yes, better than flicks) it's just so beautiful to hit on the reverse, the swinging, the feel, the power it's all so perfect and everyone else who tries it agrees. The head makes getting the ball off the ground a breeze.

    The Verdict

    Available at!/AX5-Blue/p/52405080/category=13739018 for £295\$610 it has to be a special stick, which it is nothing short of. For $610 I wouldn't buy it I highly recommend applying for a sponsorship and if you get a decent discount I would definitely give it a good look as it really is a beast of a stick. A powerful, soft, balanced stick with a slick look. I can't see myself using anything else in the foreseeable future.

    The Update

    Still going fine after about a season worth of use. No rattling, cracks or holes. There are a few pieces of paint missing but that seem to be isolated an don't spread. I was always expecting chips in the paint on the edge but I am impressed with how well it has taken chops and chucks. The silica face is as good as new and the paint under it is staying together much better than I expected. The stock grip is still on and feels awesome haven't needed to replace it but it has begun to slide a bit but I am going to put a bit of tape on to prolong its life. Still loving it! A couple of update photos below.
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  1. Voisey12
    Thanks for the review - I have had an Alien AX4 for a year now and have really enjoyed and rate the stick. I've been tempted to buy the AX5 and I think you may have just convinced me! I was concerned about the groove causing the stick to have a poor hit - I have tried adidas df sticks and the hits are rubbish! Great to see that Alien doesn't comprise on the quality of the slap/hit when including a groove!
    1. Patrick121916
      By your profile picture you will than have the same stick and shoes as me! haha
      It is an awesome stick.
      Patrick121916, Jun 15, 2016
    2. Voisey12
      haha solid look!
      Voisey12, Jun 19, 2016
  2. foxlife
    How is it for dragflicks? been interested in these for a while. could you post some more photos of the bow profile?
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    1. Patrick121916
      I'm not a star drag flicker but it definitely has some real flicking power. I put another photo up.
      Patrick121916, May 15, 2016
  3. Patrick121916
    Updated with photos.
  4. Rajulicious852
    How's the stick wearing down?
    1. Patrick121916
      I was going to do an update. I will post photos later today.
      It doing very well for a stick with paint on the edges and the head. No flaking whatsoever just chips on the edges which is understandable since it is my no1 stick.
      Patrick121916, Mar 10, 2016
  5. BlindGoalie613
    Man for that much money I'd hope it was a good stick.
    Has it replaced your main match stick/what is your main match stick?
    1. Patrick121916
      As to the price...Remember how I was a stick reviewer?
      My old stick was the Logan and yes it has.
      Patrick121916, Dec 7, 2015
    2. BlindGoalie613
      Saw a few Lycans at local comps recently so I guess they're taking off, interesting that you rated it THAT highly.
      BlindGoalie613, Dec 7, 2015
    3. Patrick121916
      If you have two key Australian international players using the stick it kinda helps spread the word...and they are good sticks.
      Patrick121916, Dec 7, 2015