• Brand:
    Bow Type:
    Low bow (200mm)
    90% CARBON
    540G SL
    So here’s some backstory if you are interested: I have in the past used a 2015 df24 comp 1 and never really got along with it, the touch was to dull for me and the balance was just a bit off, then last year my coach had a 2015 df24 carbon and I found myself often borrowing/stealing it to use in games and training instead of my 2016 gryphon tour samurai which never really had the promised tour magic hit. Anyway let me begin.

    Looks: I’m a fan of the looks, the colours are a lot more subtle compared to many other current top of the range sticks (think grays) and reminds me a lot of the gryphon tours. The angular profile is stand out and is nice to look at if you ask me, others would say differently.

    Feel: The touch in this stick is pretty impressive for a high carbon stick, trapping the ball feels pretty nice, I feel like the ball doesn't want to jump of the face of the stick on pickups which is important for me. That being said if you have a poor pick up then this stick won't magically fix that.

    Dribbling: being a little more heavy than my gryphon tour I was a little worried that it would be slower, and it is slightly slower than the 510g BP: 41cm tour, however it is not significant enough to cause any issues, this is definitely not a bottom heavy club-like hockey stick.

    Hitting: so that millisecond off the dribble speed adds a solid 10% oomph onto the hitting. It has power for a light stick and weighted perfectly, I would say you would need to get a heavy gryphon tour to try and beat this.

    Aerials/drag flicks: I would say that aerials are not as easy to throw as they were on the samurai as the df24 doesn't have the concave face that makes aerials ridiculously easy. Still this stick throws a mean aerial. Flicking with this stick is excellent, the weighting is perfect for it and the bow just feels right, the concave shaft probably does help a little bit, marginal gains and all. Again don't buy this stick expecting to magically be able to flick like AJ but it will make it easier to flick

    Overall: I would definitely recommend this stick don't let the price tag or the funky shape to put you off, if you are looking for a quick nimble stick that can hit hard, this will do the job.

    Any questions go for it I will be happy to chat about it.
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